One of the newest usages of hypnotherapy that has turned out to be very beneficial and useful is hypnobirthing. It slowly started gaining its presence across the world and now, has been widely accepted all over. The concept of hypnobirthing is very catchy and appealing, and that’s the very reason behind its increasing popularity. But what exactly is hypnobirthing? Let’s have a look:



What is it?
While you may have had attended pre-natal classes, where they teach you relaxation methods, hypnobirthing takes it a step ahead. You are taught techniques of self-hypnosis, wherein you enter into a state of more profound relaxation, which helps you cope up with the pain during childbirth. It helps you use positive visualization to cope up with the stress of what you are heading into. Increased positivity in your mind helps to speed up the labor, without causing you much trauma.

By whom?
Noted hypnotherapist Marie Mongan developed the hypnobirthing concept. A Harvard University Ford Foundation fellow, she thought of using hypnotherapy to combat the stress, pain, and trauma that occurs during childbirth.

Does it work?
As per studies and research, hypno-birthing may or may not work for every woman who opts for it. The results vary, as every woman responds differently to it.

Benefits of hypno-birthing:

The first and foremost thing that is targeted during hypnobirthing is the removal of fear from the mind. Women freak out even thinking about childbirth and hypnotherapy helps to bring down this fear to a greater extent.

It helps to reduce stress hormones during labor, which automatically increases your oxytocin levels which contribute to progress labor.

It works wonders as it is perfect to help you cope up with anxiety, especially if you have had a past traumatic experience.

Any cons?
The only con is that it may not have the same effect on every woman who opts for it. Also, hypnobirthing only helps you to keep calm during the birth; it does not promise you a complication free childbirth.

Celebrities who benefitted from hypnobirthing:

Angelina Jolie used hypnotherapy during the birth of her twins Vivienne and Knox, whom she delivered via Caesarean.

Jessica Alba swears by hypnobirthing, which she opted for during the birth of all her three children – Honor, Haven and Hayes.

Kate Middleton also has benefited from hypnobirthing, which she used not only during the birth of her children but also to develop an appetite which she had lost due to severe morning sickness.