Famous personalities who love hypnotherapy

Well, while you may still be pondering over the validity and effectiveness of hypnotherapy, there are quite a lot of popular celebrities who have already used and benefitted from the uniqueness of hypnotherapy! Eager to know who they are? Read on to know more!

Jacqueline Kennedy

She was one among the first to turn towards hypnosis to help her deal with the death of her husband. Jacqueline was crushed after his death and hypnotherapy enabled her to cope up with her grief.

Jacqueline Kennedy

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen was extremely paranoid about facing the public and speaking in front of them on her chat show. This was when she decided to go in for hypnotherapy, and that has particularly helped her deal with the cold feet she used to develop earlier. She also used the therapy to kick the ‘cigarette’ butt.

Albert Einstein

The great physicist would hypnotize himself every day! He did it to get into the proper frame of mind that would help him come up with new theories and ideas.

Jessica Alba

The star has used hypnobirthing during the birth of all her children. Hypnobirthing is an effective technique that helps mothers to stay calm during childbirth, thus reducing the trauma caused by a greater extent.

Tiger Woods

One of the most famous golfers, Tiger uses hypnotherapy to calm his mind, get into the game- mode before every game. It has helped him a lot, and laurels he has won and the money he earns are quite a proof of it!

Reese Witherspoon

She has used hypnotherapy to overcome her insecurity and improve her self-esteem. Reese was often criticized for being too short and fat for Hollywood, which was when she turned to hypnotherapy and then started off with the shooting of the superhit movie –Wild.

Julia Roberts

The stunning actress has used hypnotherapy for her stuttering issues which she faced as a child. The hypnotherapy sessions helped her overcome her slurred speech and become more confident, which further translated into her tremendous success in Hollywood.

Geri Halliwell

One of the ladies of the hit band Spice Girls, Geri often discussed how hypnotherapy helped her maintain her weight and stay fit.

David Beckham

The soccer star has used hypnotherapy to get over confrontation issues both on and off the soccer field.

The stars have already used hypnotherapy and availed its benefits for numerous reasons – I’m sure you weren’t aware of even half of these!