Best Hypnotherapists in the world

Hypnotherapy is slowly gaining pace around the world. It is also due to increased awareness that the hypnotherapy is now being used for a whole lot of reasons ranging from sports to birth. While we keep talking about hypnotherapy, I thought why not talk about hypnotherapists today? Let’s have a look at the best hypnotherapists all around the world:

Susan Hepburn

One of the most professional hypnotherapists, Susan has been practicing hypnotherapy for almost 20 years now. She also boasts of a list of clientele that’s full of celebrities, who swear by her therapy. Susan’s hypnotherapy techniques have helped a lot of people overcome their addictions, weight issues and a host of other things.

Susan Hepburn

Dave Hill

Dave Hill is known as one of the greatest hypnotists ever – because he has successfully managed to infuse two diverse aspects – hypnotherapy and comedy! His Comedy Hypnosis show is very famous and followed by a lot of people around the world. He has managed to create a different notion about hypnotherapy in the minds of people, and that has definitely brought a wave of change in the way people look at hypnotherapy. But hey, he’s not all comedy! Dave has a Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy and is pretty good at the serious affairs too!

Kevin Stone

With an experience of over two decades in hand, Kevin has specialized in using hypnotherapy to combat eating disorders and autism. He has touched the lives of millions by using hypnotherapy effectively. He’s also got quite a visibility when it comes to popular TV shows.


Paul McKenna

With most of his work dedicated to behavioral science, Paul McKenna has contributed profoundly to the field of hypnotherapy. His sessions, books, shows are all dedicated towards bringing out the true benefits and effectiveness of hypnotherapy. All of it has indeed managed to make hypnotherapy popular among masses. He also works as a personal hypnotherapist for a lot of celebrities in Hollywood too, with Ellen DeGeneres being a frequent visitor to his clinic!

So, this was a little about the top-rated hypnotherapists in the world – who are doing their job of creating a difference in the lives of millions with the healing touch of hypnotherapy.